What is the Best Mouse For Fortnite?

If you are newbie or a knowledgeable person fortnite needs no introduction. Ever since in today’s market fortnite captivating the world by its storm. And every gamer needs good gear in order to play their full potential. Selecting best mouse for fortnite is an art that vary person to person but there are some finest mouse that are available that pro gamers are already using. If we take time to look at fortnite that are simple game but all these following mouse have some extra two button with solid internals and top tier sensor. Selecting mouse that will suitable easily with your hand size and grip style are main thing when choosing for mouse.


In today’s world if someone are using wireless mouse that will caught our sight. This love is not only for wireless technology but G pro are finest in their battery life with 40 in game hours and are proficient of charging through their power play technology, which means if you’re in game and charge through power play technology ,you don’t need to plug in the mouse.
Logic tech comes up with great shape its truly ambidextrous mouse having side button which lefties easily use that is plus point in logic tech. so customers with budget should go for logic tech.


If you are looking for light weighted mouse with extreme flexible capable which you easily carry than 58 ninja is best option. Their beautiful holes help mouse to keep light weighted. No customer wants to take brick weighted mouse whom they cannot play easily. Air 58 is an improved version of ninja’s first ultra-wide mouse. The best thing is its always improving.


If you are looking for a mouse that provides infinity skin and malleable synthetic foamy material that you can add in your mouse according to your choice than ultralight 2 is finest option. It’s a smaller version of ultralight, so if a customer found this one too big than this will be the best decision for you. Under the hood , they are offering the 3360 perfect sensor with only 47 grams weight that is completely stunning package.


In the era of wireless and ultra-wide mouse some gamers likely to go for traditional one. ZOWIE EC2 is the evidence of it with a 3360 sensor under the hood. EC2 promote not to complicate thing and not spend too much time on research or fancy RGB stuff. EC2 have user-friendly systems with fabulous shape and limitless quality. It might not have the latest cable, scroll wheel or you don’t need to download software in it but if you just set the right DPI, and this will go for couple of years.


The DEATHADDER is an old fighter in market with flawless 3360 sensor and go for 16000 DPI. This mouse comes up with decent shape but not fit for people with small hands. And it comes up with 98 grams that is why elite is not listed in light weighted list.

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