How To Buy a Gaming Monitor?

Monitors are the crown jewel of a gaming setup. The Xbox and Playstation are both great gaming consoles for playing video games. Since they are released after every 5 to 10 years, they are often left behind the ever-evolving computing technology. After the first a few years, you will experience having older hardware with your consoles as compared to your friends who have PC gaming rigs.

Gamers who are fond of newer games and want to experience the eye-popping graphics will turn to PC rigs since they can always upgrade them after every new substantial technology hardware. The gaming monitors are a necessary accessory to buy with your PC rig. If you do not select them wisely, you will end up buying a monitor that will be outdated in a few hours.

Buying suitable monitors means that you should already know what kind of monitor you need for your favorite games. Newer released games will be able to provide 4k resolution thus you will need a monitor that can support such resolution to show you real graphics of the game. There are many more factors you can consider while buying the monitor that we will discuss below in the post so you can experience good gaming picture quality.

All monitors are based on two technologies having opposite benefits. The TN also called twisted nematic displays to have faster response time and cheaper as compared to its counterpart. While the other one is called in-plane switching shorted as IPS. This type of display provides better colors and sharper display over the TN one. Hence, if your game needs you to quick motion video then you should pick the monitor with TN panel while if your favorite game required better and accurate colors, you should go for the IPS panel.

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What are the factors to select a gaming monitor?

Screen Size:

The screen size of a monitor is an important factor for a gamer. The majority of gamers like to have a monitor under 27 inches, but they are available from 24 inches to 32 inches. Having the right side of the screen for yourself can increase your gaming performance by many folds. However, Extreme gamers also like to have wider screens or multiple displays so eyes can cover wider areas of games and it definitely enhances their response time to other opponents.


It is another important factor while selecting a gaming monitor for yourself. A resolution means how many pixels are displayed on the screen. Having more pixels will result in sharper images. Since, gaming developers are producing newer games with 4K resolution so the players can experience sharpest images. To access the power of this resolution, you will need to pick the right monitor along with having a powerful PC rig with the latest and expensive hardware fitted.

At the moment, monitors with 4K resolution are expensive. if you have a deep pocket you should surely go for them. but if you have a limited budget we advise you to go for at least 1080p display or higher.

Refresh Rate:

It means how many times a monitor redraw or refresh the screen. having a higher refresh rate results in smoother image quality. We calculate it by hertz. an ordinary PC monitor has at least 60 hertz but as gamers look for the smoother video they should minimum go for 120Hz.

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