3 Best Mouse for Macbook Pro

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If you are searching for the best wireless mouse for MacBook pro, then apple magic is the best option to go with MAGI. Removing the need for any wires or dongles. Its an entirely new design without having the button or wheels, allowing customers to use a new sensitive touch exterior. It is a combination of acrylic and metal. This mouse is very helpful for editors to either edit videos or working on large spreadsheets. Because their entire touch-sensitive allowed users to scroll both horizontally and vertically. It is very lightweight for users; you can easily carry them in simple laptop bags and cases. But there is one drawback of apple magic mouse two: its performance is not so good with having fair latency and CPI. But if you are looking for a wireless mouse for your MacBook, then these apple magi are great.


Suppose you want a budget-friendly mouse for your MacBook pro with wireless technology, then Logitech pebble M350 is one of them. It’s very low weighted, so you can carry them anywhere with your MacBook where you want. Inappropriately, being a budget-friendly mouse, this mouse’s performance is lacking with an error rate of 10 percent. And there is no customization software mean you can’t program any of the four buttons according to your need. But M350 is fully compatible with both operating systems, but if you have a MacBook with a window workstation, it will be fully well-matched.


Suppose you are looking for a traveling companion, then you should get a razer atheris. Nonetheless, they do not offer any rechargeable batteries like harpoon RGB, but they are travel friendly. Razer atheris is a little bit heavy because of two AA batteries for power but its entirely small. And it is preferable for people with small hands.
There is no. of reports that people are facing difficulties while connecting their MacBook with razer atheris. But then again, if you want a calmy grip with better performance mouse for gaming, than you should consider corsair than razer.


the most delicate mouse for gamers and travelers with the top compact design entirely made up of matte plastic is harpoon RGB. Harpoon provides an RGB lit logo on the back of the mouse with six programmable buttons and all hand sizes can easily grip it. While talking about its demonstration, it provides a wide CPI range with a high maximum polling rate. Its latency rate is reasonably low if you use it over Bluetooth or with a proper USB reliever.

Macbook Pro is one of the best laptop in the world that is loved by professionals worldwide. Finding the top of the line mouse for this ultimate laptop can be a hectic process. See more picks by reading the other top mouse for MacBook Pro guide.

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