3 Best MMO Mouse of 2021

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Many manufacturers created MMO’s dedicated mouse by providing tons of side buttons to have many hotkeys right at the tip of your thumb for swift casting. All you need to consider some qualities while shopping for the best MMO mouse for yourself.


CORSAIR scimitar is the Best Choice for MMO because of its practical design and programmable side RGB. The advantage of buying Corsair is their performance, wide CPI range, and lag-free responsive experience. It provides an appreciated ICUE software which an easily Compatible either with windows or macOS. Corsair’s utmost remarkable feature is their on-board memory with the Control RGB lighting’s four individual ones means all of the settings that you have done will save in the mouse itself. It provides 12 programmable buttons that Can be moved in the most comfortable position.
Unluckily, it is not travel-friendly because of its bulky weight. People with large hands will feel this so comfortable while using. Also, the Cable is so rigid that Can also Generate a drag while moving around.


If you are looking for three different swappable side panels for MMO’s than razer naga trinity is one of them. They provide some ranges like the first one has a two-button FPS layout, the second one has a seven-button circular structure, and lastly, the one has a 12 button MMO layout. Because of the outstanding CPI range, you can easily customize the sensitivity according to your preferences. This will be a good option for Competitive gamers because of their high polling rate.


If you find a decent mouse for gaming and your office work, then G604 is, you should go with. It delivers a unique design, latex thumb rest with six side buttons, and Its also preferable for people with a small hand. In this, all of the 13 buttons can be programmed well, so you Can easily set a g-shift button on other software that activates the second set of Controls for long as it pressed. But there are some Cons that it is honestly bulky with having no RGB lighting options. Overall, it a remarkable wireless mouse and Can effortlessly satisfy MMO gamers.

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