2 Best Ergonomic Mouse of 2021

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A computer mouse is an essential tool since the launch of the Apple Macintosh in 1984. While using the Mouse, the major problem is that it causes pain in mid wrist and stress on the shoulders not easy to use it for an extended period. Because we have to scroll Mouse’s trackball to direct the cursor, Microsoft and other companies have introduced ergonomic Mouse to reduce forearms and shoulder pains to resolve this matter. Before choosing anything, we should prefer our comfort level. Most mouses are made up of right hands, but there is the choice to pick up a more convenient mouse in ergonomic.

Ergonomic “Horizontal” Mouse

Its design is most familiar to users. It’s a multi-purpose mouse. Either we can use it optically or in laser form. It is upon us to select it on our handiness.

Ergonomic “Vertical” Mouse

Vertical Mouse has primary buttons. Users have to pause like a handshake while using a vertical Mouse. The other best part of this Mouse is that you don’t have to twist your wrist. There is a median nerve that is connected through the forearms and hands. When we use another mouse consistently, it causes carpal tunnel syndrome. If you face this problem while using a traditional mouse vertical mouse, it is the best replacement for you.

Trackball Mouse

The base of the trackball mouse remains stationary. It is having a ball on its upper surface. Usually, users have to scroll this ball to control the movement of the cursor on the screen. It occupies less space as compared to conventional mouses. Moreover, it does not involve your arm or wrist movement and reduces RSI damages’ probabilities relevant to these parts. Some users find difficulty in copy, pasting through using this Mouse.

Pen Mouse

This not a stylus. Its shape is like a pen or pencil. And we can use it in the same way we use a pencil or pen. The operators that have the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome and the constant movement of wrist can hurt them, and then the pen mouse is a good alternate for them.

Joystick Mouse

It is a progressive form of vertical Mouse. It is used by people suffering the musculoskeletal issues. To use these mouse manipulators, we have to portray the position of a handshake. However, most people do not prefer it due to the precision of this Mouse. The 3M optical joystick is the most popular.


Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse:

It is a wireless mouse. It does not require any hard movement of your wrist or your forearms. It prevents any disease caused by the twisting of the wrist. But the only flaw of it is that it is too hard to handle it because of its shape. It is only 99.99 $.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Ergonomic Mouse:

It is a portable, wireless mouse and travels friendly. It can connect to up to three computers. It is recharging able Mouse, and its onetime charge can run up to two months. It comes up with three colors gray, white, and teal. Its price is 59.99$.

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