2 Best Cheap Gaming Mice of 2021

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The budget is always a vital contemplation. Most people believe that getting a mouse over $100 is the most accurate way for most but not for all gaming mice. You can find the right gaming mouse in the range of $50 and $25.

Here you are not finding for the newest specs, but mice in the marketplace long enough to have refined versions such that the older version is correct as over, but they come cheap.

Features To Consider in Cheap Gaming Mice

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

It is the feature that determines the safety of the mouse. However, it may be pretentious by scaling in the windows software. It will give you a better idea of the responsiveness that you need in the game.
So, there is a more significant impact of DPI on the mice, and you can also select to go with a medium DPI such that you can use the wrist and arm to move the mice over the required a distance in the game. DPI is the first thing that must consider while buying a cheap gaming mouse.

Laser Vs. Optical Gaming Mice

Laser mice are susceptible to dust that may affect their shell life. regardless, the optical mouse has a low edge of error. But you will have to ponder the kind of surfaces.
Gaming mice use an optical sensor, but laser mice use laser technology for brilliance. It is best on a reflective surface, while optical sensors are the best for a rough surface.


The speed rate at which the cursor was moving towards the rate of moving the mouse known as Acceleration. It comes up with a quality set of features in which you will not be able to change. Low sensitivity is required for balancing control in the game.

Polling Rate

It is the feature which indicates that the number of times the mice sensor reads the location on the screen at every second.it can works smoothly in the range of 250 to 1000HZ
The highest conversion rate means the response time of the Mice is much faster. It is the most necessary consideration for hardcore gamers.

HAVIT- MS672 Wired Gaming Mice

HAVIT is the new name in the gaming industry that provides budget-friendly products.MS672 is an example of their budget-friendly products.

· No additional software is required before using it.
· MS672 has seven LED breathing Lights.
· There are four levels of DPI in MS672.
· Reliable build for long term use.

· It doesn’t look/feel comfortable in the small hand.

Redragon M601 Wired CENTROPHOROUS Gaming Mice

M601 has outstanding artistry, including adjustable weights and ergonomic grip for long hours of gaming.

· There are five onboard profiles in the M801
· Five programmable buttons.
· Four levels of DPI
· M601 has a gold plated USB connector.

· The brightness level is discomfort to adjust or turn off.

Finding a gaming mouse on a budget price could be a hectic process that the reason we advise you to explore more options by reading other buying guides. These guides about the budget gaming mouse not only help you provide latest list of computer mice but also provide alot of knowledge that you need to know before deciding the final mouse for your computer.

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